Learning about parenting : Is it required?

As we have seen in my last article that there are drastic changes in the ways and circumstances of parenting in past and present. In some ways, we are luckier than our parents. But for many reasons, we got to be more informed as parents and guide our kids more diligently. Right from giving mobiles … Continue reading Learning about parenting : Is it required?

Are our kids lucky?

“Dad, you are so silly!!!” said Juhi excitedly. As I turned around I saw her Dad chilling happily. 30 years in retrospect- if we had said that we would have got a stern look or firm toned message to respect elders. Times have changed and so have we. We have become the median generation. As … Continue reading Are our kids lucky?

Let go off parental temptations

Her eyes twinkled at the sight of steel compartment plate in a glass window of a grocery store. Heera had loved to have it in her childhood. She right away bought the steel plate for Palak, her daughter. As Heera held the plate in her hands, she was instantly time travelled back to her childhood. … Continue reading Let go off parental temptations

Benefits of reading to your kid/s

Reading is a hobby best given to kid/s at young age. Benefits of reading are immense. We can make our child/ren, a well read person by introducing books at an early age. Following are the few advantages of reading. Intellectual benefits: The more we read to our kid/s, the more familiar they get with words. … Continue reading Benefits of reading to your kid/s

Happy Children’s Day!!!

Stories... when I hear this word, my eyes sparkle with enthusiasm and delight. They have always been my companion in different forms ever since I was a child. We hear them from people we meet, books we read or by observing our surroundings. Each person has a story to tell and each story is unique. … Continue reading Happy Children’s Day!!!

Timetable:Core component of organised life

In my last post Way forward for mindful parenting , I had mentioned about having a timetable. Timetable helps us to plan our day well in advance and we know what to expect. It reduces ambiguity. It also helps to keep track of our time and tasks. This post about making timetable would be helpful for having … Continue reading Timetable:Core component of organised life

Way forward for mindful parenting

In my earlier post, I have spoken about mindful parenting and its importance. The following points can help us to bring up our child/ren in a positive way. Parents work as team: This means that parents agree on family values and parenting style best suited for their family. As parents come from different households, having … Continue reading Way forward for mindful parenting

Mindful parenting – delayed gratification approach

“Mummy, I want fried fish for lunch!” he demanded. His mum thought “It will make my son happy.” Off she went to kitchen and started to clean the fish and in no time fried fish was served in plate of her beloved son. This and many of his demands were instantly met without giving a … Continue reading Mindful parenting – delayed gratification approach