Book review – The Girl Who Hated Books

Story of a girl who hate books. Will she continue to hate them or will she start liking books??

‘Heart-breaking’ News

‘Mum, do you watch news daily to know where accidents take place’? Rashi was startled to hear this innocent question by her 3 years old kid. Rashi had been an ardent news follower, and liked to keep herself updated about the world.  She would watch evening news daily at 6. Little did she know that … Continue reading ‘Heart-breaking’ News

The ultimate goal of parenting

‘The ultimate goal of parenting is to make ourselves (parents) redundant from child’s life’. When I heard this advice during a parenting session, I was left amazed. Wow! What a statement!! And it was contrary to what I have seen parenting done in Indian culture. The more I thought about it, I became more intrigued. … Continue reading The ultimate goal of parenting

Parenting goals for 2018

A strong bond between children and parents go a long way to develop child’s personality. Both, self confidence as an individual and responsibility as an adult, is based on how well we can relate to our kids when they are growing up. We can strengthen our relationships with our kid/s by using any of following … Continue reading Parenting goals for 2018

Learning about parenting : Is it required?

As we have seen in my last article that there are drastic changes in the ways and circumstances of parenting in past and present. In some ways, we are luckier than our parents. But for many reasons, we got to be more informed as parents and guide our kids more diligently. Right from giving mobiles … Continue reading Learning about parenting : Is it required?