Our Life with Wi-Fi, without water

Imagine a day with Wi-Fi and without water!!! Last Saturday morning, I woke up to this tricky situation. I put the kitchen tap on – not a single drop came by. Bit worried, I checked other taps, thinking that kitchen tap might have gone faulty. Unfortunately, none of the other taps had water. We didn’t … Continue reading Our Life with Wi-Fi, without water

‘Internetic’ Humans

Today, we live in well-connected world or shall we call it virtually-connected era? Times have changed and now we live miles away from our family because of our jobs/study. The ‘bridge’ that keeps us connected with our family and friends are internet and technology. Nowadays, we are just a message away to get in touch … Continue reading ‘Internetic’ Humans

Review of the book ‘Like the Flowing River’

The title ‘Like the Flowing River’ does justice to its name. It takes readers on a ride in a flowing river. The paths of river (chapters) are flowing and soothing. I felt relaxed and at peace as I passed through different paths (chapters) of the book. The book has different essays, reflections, short stories as … Continue reading Review of the book ‘Like the Flowing River’

Purpose of life

‘Do what gives you happiness in life’ we read this innumerable time. But as we grow up the main purpose of life becomes livelihood. We think let us get financially stable and then, we will chase our real dreams. We then put on our ‘safety gear’ and get into the ‘rollercoaster ride’ of our life. … Continue reading Purpose of life

The ‘perfect’ Indian team

Few days in his new office, Manish found it very boring to converse with his team members. Not that he was shy or reserved person, but most of his colleagues were from one state of India. They would communicate in their local language –both for personal and professional communication. Repeated reminders to use commonly understood … Continue reading The ‘perfect’ Indian team

The ultimate goal of parenting

‘The ultimate goal of parenting is to make ourselves (parents) redundant from child’s life’. When I heard this advice during a parenting session, I was left amazed. Wow! What a statement!! And it was contrary to what I have seen parenting done in Indian culture. The more I thought about it, I became more intrigued. … Continue reading The ultimate goal of parenting

5 Ways To Be Positive

Numerous studies have found that our lives get better if we are having positive outlook towards life.  Our times have seen abundance in many fields, yet there is lack of positivity in our daily lives. Having a positive day can be easily attained with following tips: Start being thankful: There are so many things in … Continue reading 5 Ways To Be Positive

Parenting goals for 2018

A strong bond between children and parents go a long way to develop child’s personality. Both, self confidence as an individual and responsibility as an adult, is based on how well we can relate to our kids when they are growing up. We can strengthen our relationships with our kid/s by using any of following … Continue reading Parenting goals for 2018