Green Superheroes

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year. It’s a day to remember the importance of nature and its protection. Environment is vital for human beings and other species to survive on our planet Earth. We are dependent on our environment and not vice-versa!!!

Being aware about environment and it’s degradation by human beings is the key to correct the scenario. Population growth, increased industries, deforestation and immense use of plastic etc. are some reasons for environmental degradation.

You and I got to do our bit for making our planet live longer (if not forever ☹) for us and our children.

The phrase ‘catch them young’ is so apt for developing love for environment in children.

Diverse kids spreading environmental awareness

Simple ways to do so are-

  1. Plant at least one tree every year: We could do so on birthdays of our children or any family occasion. For those people who live in apartments, one can get indoor plants or do DIY projects with some dried seeds of Moong (Green Grams), Coriander, Chilies etc. Children will be fascinated to see plants grow from seeds.

2. Minimum use of plastic: Plastic being non-biodegradable is most harmful daily use item of people. It has become part and parcel of our everyday living. Though, plastic is unavoidable, we could reuse plastic where possible – oil cans, big plastic jars can be used to plant trees and to do other DIY projects.

3. Adopt an animal from zoo: Adopting an endangered or one’s favorite animal (click here to know more) will contribute to existing Government efforts in animal conservation. It can help us understand issues faced by zoo authorities too. We could help them with solutions by holding group discussion, online campaigns etc.

4. Engage in conversation with your younger ones about nature: Reading to them or watching videos about environment, habitat etc. will increase their knowledge about varied flora and fauna and also encourage them to find ‘eco-logical’ solutions when they grow bigger.

5. Being good role models: At home, we can start putting off lights and fans when not in use; avoiding use of lights during day, when possible; utilizing water wisely, using solar panels for home electrification etc.

We all can make difference one day at a time. As our children grow up in nature protection home environment, they are sure to be environmental superheroes who will be part of solution rather than problem. 🙂

Friends, do share your ideas to conserve environment in our comment section. Thank you!!

Shambhavi (aka Shilpa) Naik  (c) 2021

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