WOMEN PATH-BREAKERS : Stories of Success & Strength

As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, I would like to give glimpses of women’s lives in last centuries through a book.

Women Path-Breakers is a book on Indian women who had to struggle odds-social as well political. This book showcases the world when women were not considered fit to study or even have say in their marriage or career.

Stories of Pandita Ramabai (who changed the lives of child brides and widows) to Anna Mani(First woman meteorologist) all show determination, self belief and vision of great women in past era. Right from facing bullying for being first women in class to having public uproar – these women faced it all. Self belief kept them going towards their goals. As these brave women achieved their goals, it paved way for other women.

These stories show us how they worked in integrity and thought empathetically about other women’s sufferings.

Read this great book to feel inspired and remembering that “belief in self” is the best weapon/jewel of women. On Women’s day, lets salute the women who struggled to give us more liberal society that we live in today.

Happy women day to all inspiring ladies!!

To buy your own copy visit our store The Reading Planet, Mapusa Goa or call 8767716680

Shilpa Naik(c) 2021

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