Family habits for joyful life

Simple good habits can have enormous positive impact on all of us. Habits are activities that we do daily, consciously or unconsciously. If we instill good habits during early childhood, children will do it easily and effortlessly.

Here are some habits which are simple yet effective:

  1. Thanking food: Food provides us energy to go about our day. Food is basic necessity of living beings. We can say a prayer before our snacks/meals time like:

O God, thank you for this yummy food. Bless the farmers and other people who helped us to have this food. Bless the person/s who earned and the person/s who cooked and all our family members. Thank you for the clean and clear water. Let this food and water nourish our body, soul, heart and mind.

Or a condensed prayer like:

God bless us and our food.

This prayer will make us mindful and thankful for the food that we are about to have.

2.Using magic words: Being polite will make children better in communicating. Introduce magic words such as PLEASE, THANK YOU, SORRY in daily lives.

Children will model our behaviour, which would in turn make them gentler in their lives.

3.Writing thankful notes: One of the easiest ways to get our mind value/notice something, is by writing or saying what we are thankful for.

Child writes thank you on paper
  • For children under 5 years, we can teach them to say thank you for their body, people in their lives, house etc.
  • For children above 5 years, ask them to write 3 things that they are thankful for.

Not only children will feel good. But they would have collection of memories in their thankful notebook.

4. Daily reading: Our bond with children can strengthen when we read to them regularly. The younger the child, the more they would enjoy being read to.

Choose age appropriate books. Their improved vocabulary and comprehension will be added advantage.

5. Best part of the day: One of my friends had suggested this one. We got to ask children to tell us – what they didn’t like and the best part of their day (First negative and then positive aspect).

We could share some lighter issues and exciting moments with them too. This will show children that we value their feelings and give them peek into our lives at least for short duration.

I hope we can start practicing these ideas regularly.

Do share good family habits you have at home, so that we all can get some more positive ideas for our lives. Thanks!!

P.S. also adults can write thankful notes daily. It enhances feeling of gratitude

Shilpa Naik ©2020

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