From literacy to education

Today, 8th September, is celebrated as International Literacy Day.

In simple words, ‘literacy’ means to be able to read and write words. ‘Education’ means  process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Currently, our education system caters to ‘literacy’ in its true sense. It doesn’t focus on holistic (all-round) development of students.

In modern era, importance of community living, empathy and life skills have become a thing of past. Our child/ren are growing up in ‘our compartmentalised zones.’ Various factors such as nuclear family, migration for work, more use of mobile, lesser community spaces, no community dialogues, minimum outdoor play time, etc. add to children thinking in fixed mindset.

Education per say is limited to academic success; and interpersonal relations are not given required attention. The concept of sharing, empathy, and co-operation do not come into scene very often as children have many toys compared to previous generations. Also we do have more resources to address needs and wants of our children.

With following suggestions, we can do our bit from home to bridge the gap between literacy and education and help our children develop more holistically.

  • Assign children with age appropriate tasks like putting away their stuff/toys; keeping their plates in sink after meals; tidying their study table etc
  • Reading different books can help children empathise with others (blog on this topic coming soon)
  • Speaking with children about environment and impact of human activities on it
  • Involving them in gardening at home
  • Make them aware of other people who are not so privileged like us
  • Using ‘Thank You’ and ‘Please’ in our interactions at home.

By using above suggestions children will become more organised and value others who do their chores. As the child reads, he/she can imagine it better as compared to watching something online. Discussing about their environment would help them to look out for solutions of environmental issues in their own way.

Children will be thankful for better lives they have, which would make them happy humans.

So get on board to make your children more educated this Literacy Day!!!

Shilpa Naik (c) 2020

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