My valuable inputs for better India



Dear Readers,

It’s a humble request to share these valuable inputs to every other Indian who would make a difference or bring about a change for better India, including Panch Members, Members of Legislative Assembly; Members of Parliament and Heads of States.

Following changes are required in various areas.


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  • Strict Implementation of all laws
  • Proper traffic rules implementation
  • Stricter rules relating to food safety and storage
  • Activities of all religious institutions to be monitored
  • Conducting mock drill wherever possible for all sorts of natural and manmade mishaps
  • Reservation policy to be thoroughly revised
  • Pharmacies to be monitored strictly
  • Doctors should come under legal radar for any unscrupulous acts
  • People to be held strictly liable for their statements made in public regarding religion or country
  • Reducing monopoly in markets
  • Money laundering to be eliminated
  • Regulation of goods imported in India
  • Corrupt and people of convict background to be debarred from contesting elections
  • Stringent rules for food adulteration
  • Medicines should be of highest quality
  • Driving rules to be made more stringent. Point system to be implemented
  • Working with Children check card to be introduced
  • Outdated laws reformed




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  • Education should be for all round development of kids
  • Spreading education to nook and corner of the country
  • More liberal study courses to be introduced
  • Giving equal opportunities for all sports and players
  • Reducing pressure of studies on small kids
  • Having proper transport facilities for school kids
  • Compulsory self defence training for girls from the age of 12
  • Compulsory military education for minimum 2 years for youth from college
  • More vocational courses to be started
  • Spreading sex education among people
  • Spreading medical education among people
  • Providing special training and facilities for athletes
  • More educational programmes for kids on television
  • Information and guidance should be spread among children regarding IAS, IPS and other administrative posts
  • More practical oriented syllabus to be introduced in our curriculum



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  • Creating more administrative posts and filling them with appropriate people
  • Having judiciary in “fast forward “mode
  • Holding competition for plans of major construction or projects among states
  • All politicians to have a contact point for people
  • Politicians should have age limit and minimum educational qualifications requirement
  • Farming sector should be more organised
  • Feedback boxes to be placed in offices and make appropriate changes. Online feedback app can be started
  • More awards in different government fields
  • Surprise checks if possible in government departments
  • Having strict deadlines for public works and if not met, confiscate the License of the contractors
  • Giving the claimants their claims as soon as possible
  • Supporting functions held at foreign embassies in India and vice versa
  • Red Tapism should be nil
  • Parliament sessions to be held in utmost constitutional manner
  • Digitalising national archives and museum display articles
  • Lost people app made and centrality linked



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  • Having proper facilities for the physically disabled
  • Having good facilities for the armed forces and protective forces
  • Improving our public transport
  • More self employment opportunities for youth
  • Counsellors to be made compulsory in schools and colleges
  • Recycling plants to be started at district levels
  • Having all rescue vehicles checked regularly and upgraded
  • Farmers to be given information on latest technology and provided subsidies for buying it
  • Sports academies to be started at district levels
  • Metrology department to be upgraded
  • Upgrading techniques to know water levels and it’s pollution
  • More facilities for girl child to boost female population in our country
  • Medical facilities to reach the poor
  • Special facilities to be provided for retired war veterans
  • More information programmes in aanganwadis
  • More facilities for the unorganised working sector
  • Proper drainage system to be built
  • Proper waste disposal system
  • Having well maintained public toilets
  • Safety cameras should be installed at required places
  • Having proper storage facilities for perishable products
  • Having upgraded facilities for storage of blood
  • Upgrading library services
  • Providing shelter to homeless
  • Having more renewable sources generation of electricity
  • Proper customer service at various government offices
  • Stabilising traffic scenario in metro cities, by having, more public transport facilities like metro, future trains


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  • Telecasting patriotic movies in schools from 8th std. at least 2 times a year
  • Spreading reading culture among people
  • Spreading message of civic sense among people
  • Having categorisation of our films and programmes
  • Naming the streets
  • Anti smoking campaign to be made more appealing.
  • Organising NGO sector.
  • Rigorous awareness campaign of profile of candidates contesting elections
  • More facilities for aged people
  • Punctuality of people to be promoted
  • Organising multi state festival once a year at state levels
  • Special day celebrated in honour of armed forces
  • Briefing people going abroad on customs of the various countries
  • Optimum utilisation of natural resources
  • Proper planning of new cities
  • Try to inculcate 888 scenario in our lives, if possible
  • Voting and pre voting days should free and fair
  • Improving lives of the down trodden. E.g. Hand Rickshaw pullers: providing them with cycles
  • Scavengers should be provided with alternate vocational training.
  • Reviving our dying industries,  languages, arts
  • Volunteer week to be celebrated
  • Spitting, untidiness to be punished with high fines. Any person can complain.
  • Alternative to plastic to be encouraged
  • Dustbins to be placed as feasible as possible and emptied regularly
  • Training of communication and customer service to be made compulsory in public sector and if people do not comply their salaries deducted
  • Competition among states to be encouraged at national level for developing state, clean state etc.



Let’s do our bit to make our India a better place to live for our future generations.


Happy Republic Day!! Jai Hind!!!


Shilpa Naik (c) 2019

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