Book review of The Magic of the Lost Temple

I read ‘The magic of the Lost Temple’ book by Sudha Murthy. The story is about Nooni’s summer holidays at her grandparents’ village.

SM 1


The bond between grandparents and Nooni is depicted very well in this book. The simplicity of village life and adventures of Nooni with her friends go hand in hand. Nooni’s life is enriched by the knowledge shared by her grandma about plants in her garden. The trust shown by her grandfather boosts Nooni’s confidence as an explorer.


The book shares with readers the forgotten art of storytelling by grandparents.


Nooni’s curiousity is tickled by story told to her by her grandparents about an ancient stepwell. The magical description of full moon night by grandparents add to mystery of the stepwell. Ranging from day to day information about plants to attending marriage by Nooni, the book has covered different aspects of village life in detail. The book is suitable for 8+ years who would love to read a simple yet meaningful tale. Though, the story is simply woven, it’s design is interesting and intricate. Happy reading!!!

Shilpa Naik (c) 2018

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