Magical Monsoon

The nature has deemed ‘brightness’ of sky and coloured with hue of grey. It has put on fan mode with tap on high speed. Whoosh!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S RAINING!!! IT’S POURING!!!20180618_074836

The smell of soil after the water touching the thirsty summer ground… is indeed intoxicating… It’s splendour to watch rains in Goa.

Rains and school days go hand in hand.  The memories of childhood flood with chaos at the reopening of school – with early breakfast, the hurry to put on raincoats or to search for hidden umbrellas. Hasty ‘byes’ to our family members as we delightfully walked in rains still bring smile on face. The smell of new books, the eagerness to meet friends and to chat with them till the bell went off has special memory box in our hearts. To see our favourite teachers after summer break was worth all the hurry of morning. Listening to class half-heartedly as one was still not fully recovered from holiday mode.


The fun to splash rainwater on friends while returning home was delight. Leaving paper boats in running rainwater was our favourite game in monsoon. That magical feeling to see raindrop on ‘aluu’ leaf (aluu is Konkani name for this plant) is by far the best memory.20180620_142135

Standing with umbrella, under pipewater pouring from some terrace was something most of us loved. The sight of homes getting drenched with rainwater and trees around having washed off from dust of summer was a showcase of newness. The eagerness to get back home to hot meals was always the highlight of the day.


Rains have always been synonym with life and liveliness. The delight one gets seeing the pouring rain with backdrop of greenery is a feast to eyes. The sight of farmers working on farms and rice paddy growing fast are worth cherishing as memories. It is also time for much awaited delicious veggies and other seasonal creatures. All these have been special memories of our generation, worth all the uneasiness of monsoon.blogs


And, what best way to relive one’s childhood than to get drenched in memories while you still look at sky in same awe as a child?


Happy monsoons friends!!! Friends, do share your pleasant memories of monsoons. Thanks!!

Shilpa Naik (c) 2018

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