Legacy for next generations

Legacy… what are we passing on as legacy to our future generations? Are we passing on photos of many extinct/ endangered animals, polluted air and water, plastic landfills and concrete jungles to our descendants?

Are these legacies to be passed on? Sitting in ‘modern’ homes, we make so many future plans for our kids. Have we thought what environment do we want to leave them with?  Is it too early to think about it? Or is it fruitless to think at all? Or is it because protecting environment is a duty of someone else (but not us) – may be that of neighbour/municipality/council/state governments/ UN?

I recently came across news of extinction of northern white male rhino. white rhino

I was saddened as our future generations will only see them in pictures now on. Isn’t it sad to know many more animals are queued up in ‘extinction’ list already? Won’t it be heartbreaking when we will show our kids ‘extinct’ animals in pictures which we might have seen alive when we were kids?

Think and act now!!! So often we mindlessly forward messages, pictures of that stuff that might not be important but fail to circulate necessary and urgent informative messages. Do not assume that nothing is in our hands. We are each powerful and responsible to the extent of our role in environmental protection to do the least.

I read about Adv. Afroz Shah,who single-handedly took up cleaning of Versova beach, Mumbai. Thanks to his initiative that Olive Ridley Turtles are back in Versova beach.

ridley turles

We may not be pioneers in environmental safeguard on grand scale. But surely, you and I can do our bit in saving environment by using following ideas:

  • Carry re-usable cloth bags to market
  • Turn off electric switches when not in use
  • Speak to children about Earth, environment and its importance
  • Plant some trees if possible

Even if we start doing our bit today responsibly, we might not start a revolution on a larger scale. But, at least we will a live guilt free life that we did attempt to save Earth when we had opportunity.

Can we pass on the legacy of environmental protection to our future generations and not the legacy of guilt of inaction and ruined earth?

Kindly note Earth Hour is on 25th Mar 2018 at 8:30 p.m. 🙂

earth hour

Do share your thoughts. Thanks.

Shilpa Naik (c) 2018

6 thoughts on “Legacy for next generations

  1. Truly said ….. it’s high time now. We better get going with restoring our environment. And passing healthy and rich nature to our upcoming generation….


  2. This subject is very dear to me. It is very well put down. It’s high time for actions. Avoiding plastic doesn’t mean accepting cloth bag from retailers. After plastic cloth pollution is also hurting. We need to carry our boxes, bags and intellect.


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