‘Heart-breaking’ News

‘Mum, do you watch news daily to know where accidents take place’? Rashi was startled to hear this innocent question by her 3 years old kid. Rashi had been an ardent news follower, and liked to keep herself updated about the world.  She would watch evening news daily at 6. Little did she know that her habit was indirectly affecting her kid.

We tend to put on TV without thinking its impact on young minds of our kids. At a child safety seminar which I attended recently, the speaker pointed out that kids watch most dangerous real life images on news.

news 1

This was a startling revelation! In order to be updated about the world, you and I mindlessly put on news channels in presence of our kids.

We are not even sure how and to what level can kids ‘digest’ such breaking news? To top it, our news channels have become round-the-clock phenomenon, which repeat same stories innumerable times and have endless debates too. Our kids are exposed to breaking (mostly sad/bad) news and disagreements, over and over again, throughout the day and night.

news 2


Spare a thought as to really do our kids need to see all the gory images on screen or could we mitigate it’s impact by reading age-appropriate news to them? Could we watch news in their absence and excuse them from violent  real life images till they are matured enough?

Do share your thoughts. Thanks!!

Shilpa Naik (c) 2018

One thought on “‘Heart-breaking’ News

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Excellent write up!!! and Brilliant title!!!

    You have nailed such a sensitive issue which we hardly have pondered upon. I don’t think elders do even realise the negative impacts of today’s news on the kids.

    It is time for all to think seriously on the utility of television for us.

    Keep Writing…Keep Inspiring…


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