Our Life with Wi-Fi, without water

Imagine a day with Wi-Fi and without water!!!

Last Saturday morning, I woke up to this tricky situation. I put the kitchen tap on – not a single drop came by. Bit worried, I checked other taps, thinking that kitchen tap might have gone faulty. Unfortunately, none of the other taps had water. We didn’t have water, (which is rarest of the rare case, where I live now) due to damaged water pipeline.

My worry soon turned into anxiety. I had to STOP for a while and think what will I make for breakfast? How will I go by with daily morning routine?  What if our water supply is not resumed by the end of the day? What if we don’t get water supply forever? You and I might not realise this when we have regular water supply.

 As I glanced through my home, I found our Wi-Fi was working perfectly; we had all gadgets intact and necessities in place. But without water- we are nowhere. In days to come, you and I, will have best gadgets and possession; but not the basic necessity- Water. What an eye-opening revelation in moments of crisis!!

Now, it has been officially declared that Cape Town, South Africa will no longer have water. You and I cannot push this scene behind our backs- pretending it’s not our problem. With our-“it’s- not- the- right- time- now” attitude and negligence towards environment, such waterless days will be a reality soon than we think.

We are living as if we are only exclusively entitled to all natural resources – forgetting our duty to conserve them for future generations to come. Using natural resources wisely got to be our mantra daily. Not to forget we depend on water and not vice-versa!!!

Later, my husband got Mineral water can from supermarket. We started rationing use of water. Luckily, water supply resumed in couple of hours. I breathed a sigh of relief that my life was back to normal – with water. :):)


Friends, we got to think about this scenario and start doing our bit daily. Most importantly, we should not to push ‘upcoming environmental issues’ that it will not happen to us. But it may (I hope not) be experienced by our kids/ grandkids.

Be an Eco -‘logical’ citizen. Then our future generation will enjoy both Wi-Fi and water uninterruptedly!

Do pour in your suggestions as to how not to pour water unnecessarily :). Thanks.


Shilpa Naik (c) 2018

3 thoughts on “Our Life with Wi-Fi, without water

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Very interesting title to an alarming issue that needs attention.

    I agree with you that we don’t realise that by our own wrong actions, we are forcing an expiry date for natural and renewable resources. It’s high time that we save, not pollute and help to replenish our water resources.

    I liked the line,”Be an Eco -‘logical’ citizen” as I am sure that I can survive without wi-fi but not without water.


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