Do you wonder, ‘why we work so hard?’‘Why do we make so many sacrifices in life?’ Yes, may be…

You are spot on!!

We work hard and sacrifice for our future and that of our kids’ future as well.

Do you ponder whether the lifestyle, food or habits we have as family, help our kids to be more healthy, happy, responsible and well informed adults? Will sleeping past midnight daily, having food at odd hours or allowing unlimited TV/screen time to kids, beneficial in the long run for them?

If you haven’t thought about above questions, it’s time to think. THINK NOW! We got to think wisely how we spend our time. Take charge of time now or else we will regret it later.

We tend to spend time as though we have unlimited moments ahead of us. Without realising that once a moment is wasted – it’s gone forever, never to come back. Our minds play a movie of ‘perfect day.’ We often tell ourselves: when I accomplish this _____ / or when this happens_____, I will start my life in better way. Sadly, that ‘perfect day’ doesn’t come. We got to start wherever. But most importantly Start NOW!

Start by making simple yet significant changes in life:

  • Think what we are doing now – is it beneficial for our future?
  • Make a comprehensive timetable, particularly emphasising on sleeping time.
  • Give ample exposure to kids through books, educational toys/videos etc.
  • Make physical exercise a routine of your kids’ lives at an early age.


Start Today. For today’ becomes ‘yesterday’ soon and ‘tomorrow’ never comes. We are guide to our kids, let’s guide them wisely. We are role models to them, let’s be more diligent in our duty. For our sacrifice and hard work will be worth it, when we see our kids grown into wholesome adults.


Let me know your suggestions to add to above list.


Shilpa Naik (c) 2018


3 thoughts on “Think

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Well timed write-up!!!

    It is very true that our minds play a movie of ‘perfect day’ in the morning but we are unable to experience it throughout the day and wait for that perfect day to come.

    Thank you very much for giving this reminder to rethink about our lifestyles, our food habits and most importantly our health.


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