‘Internetic’ Humans

Today, we live in well-connected world or shall we call it virtually-connected era? Times have changed and now we live miles away from our family because of our jobs/study. The ‘bridge’ that keeps us connected with our family and friends are internet and technology.

Nowadays, we are just a message away to get in touch with people. The pictures shared on social media is like newsletter of our lives. We ‘feel’ we are so linked with, and informed about each other lives that we have forgotten what ‘personal’ talk is like. We tend to message or whatsapp than go and talk directly to the person who may be working on same floor. The mobile which was for our convenience and connecting people, has become a medium of drifting people away.

We think that we are so connected that we don’t think it as necessary to meet someone in person. Few days back, I met my college friend (she lives in a different state) after 13 years. I didn’t feel that we are meeting after so long as we usually chat via social media.

These days, our conversations have transformed in chats and emojis and we hardly ‘communicate’ in real sense. We often wish people online on their birthdays. My heart skipped a beat when I read “HB” (Happy Birthday) on someone’s FB wall. For us, internet has become short cut for getting information and now we have extended it even in our personal relationships. We have become ‘INTERNETIC HUMANS’ – very robotic and superficial in our dealings on social media. This adds on to people feeling lonely and isolated.

Use following tips to make you ‘human with internet skills’:

  1. Call close people on their birthdays/special days instead of messaging.
  2. Instead of chatting online, catch up and chat in person with your friends.
  3. Write short letters to your loved ones making them feel special.

And most importantly, do not lose ‘human aspects’  to robotic intelligence.

Shilpa Naik (c) 2018



One thought on “‘Internetic’ Humans

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Another brilliant write up…Loved your creation, “Internetic Humans”!!!

    I really liked the thoughtful way in which you have conveyed the harsh reality that the connecting link of ‘internet and social media’ has gradually led to distancing people from personal touch.

    Keep Writing…Keep Inspiring…


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