Review of the book ‘Like the Flowing River’

The title ‘Like the Flowing River’ does justice to its name. It takes readers on a ride in a flowing river. The paths of river (chapters) are flowing and soothing. I felt relaxed and at peace as I passed through different paths (chapters) of the book.

The book has different essays, reflections, short stories as well as parts of memoirs of its author Paulo Coelho. He has done an awesome job. This book helps us to understand the simple things of life, in a subtle and gentle way.

In one of the essays, ‘How to climb mountains, he very warmly talks about individual’s passion and how one can achieve it. Importance of translators of books is distinctly covered and well narrated in his reflections ‘The other side of the Tower of Babel. In ‘A day at the mill,’ Paulo Coelho gives readers insights of his life in a wise manner. He writes about different facets of his life in a single day – ‘a lot of people’ and ‘a few people.’

This is a must read book for those who want to understand an array of experiences and emotions in a single book. It makes you live the flowing river setting, sitting at your home. Enjoy the book!!!

You can buy your copy here

Shilpa Naik (c) 2018

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