Purpose of life

Do what gives you happiness in life’ we read this innumerable time. But as we grow up the main purpose of life becomes livelihood. We think let us get financially stable and then, we will chase our real dreams. We then put on our ‘safety gear’ and get into the ‘rollercoaster ride’ of our life. We get so busy that we do not ‘waste’ our precious time into real thinking.

We don’t ask ourselves ‘what is the real purpose of our lives?’ ‘What is my dream life?’  We don’t gather courage to ask ourselves these questions as we don’t want to answer them yet. If we think about it we may have to do reality check on our financial status, lifestyle choices, social circle etc.

We conveniently close this chapter in our mind and carry on being busy. As the famous author Paulo Coelho, writes in one story in his book ‘Like the flowing river’. He has gently reminded us to revisit this question. And if this doesn’t convince you to think about meaning of your life, then in next story he has precisely written about what happens to us if we don’t think about our purpose of life.

Our quest for happiness can, no doubt, be achieved through financial security. But making it your sole purpose of life has to b e reconsidered. Have some vision of your dream life. Have the courage to pursue it. You may not get there instantly, but with hard work and consistently, your will reach there surely.

So take some time daily to ponder about what makes you happy? What gives meaning to your life? What would help you to live your dream life? What books/study will get you close to your dream life? Etc. But most importantly never stop believing in yourself and your dreams.

Shilpa Naik (c) 2018

One thought on “Purpose of life

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Amazing thought!!!

    In our busy lives, I am happy that there are people like you to poke us with the thought of revisiting the real purpose of our lives.

    You have paved the way to let us live our dream once more..Thank you so much.


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