The ‘perfect’ Indian team

Few days in his new office, Manish found it very boring to converse with his team members. Not that he was shy or reserved person, but most of his colleagues were from one state of India. They would communicate in their local language –both for personal and professional communication. Repeated reminders to use commonly understood language also didn’t help.

After some days, he informed his manager about his unease in relations to communication among his teammates. The manger came up with an awesome idea.  Manish’s manager shuffled his team, the new team consisted of persons form different states of India, speaking different languages. The new was much fun to work with and bonded very well. Their friendship grew deeper with time.

We can observe this phenomenon very commonly among different linguistic groups of India. I have written this post in order to fulfil our dream as a nation to become more developed. When we start respecting our diversity and become matured in our civic sense, India will get a step closer to become a Superpower.  I hope this article helps us to reconsider our medium of communication when we are among other linguistic groups. Jai Hind! Happy Republic Day!

Shilpa Naik (c) 2018


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