Parenting goals for 2018

A strong bond between children and parents go a long way to develop child’s personality. Both, self confidence as an individual and responsibility as an adult, is based on how well we can relate to our kids when they are growing up. We can strengthen our relationships with our kid/s by using any of following ideas:

  1. Reading to them: There are innumerable books for kids nowadays. Becoming a library member is the easiest way to dive in various genres of books. Read to your kids regularly. Reading to your kid/s can be fruitful time invested in your kids’ future. Also, best if you could tell them stories which have been passed down from your family elders.
  2. Walk with your kids: As one of my friends noted that the amount of time that they speak while going to and fro to school is the time they talk without botheration of home or study. If walking together to school is not possible, walk once a week with your kid/s. Walking gives you peace of mind and you can be fully present with your kid/s and enjoy their ‘talks’ as you walk.
  3.  Ask about their day:  This tip is sure to make you and your kid/s bond stronger. Asking about their day not only makes them feel special but we also get to know about what’s happening in their lives. The sooner we start this conversation, the better it gets. When the kids grow up they are not likely to share their life happenings with us if we didn’t do this when they are little.
  4. Play a game: Playing games with your kids will help you to know their interests/ strengths. Allot a time once a week to play either board games or outdoor games. This enhances child/ren abilities. In addition, priceless memories are created for kids and us as well.
  5. Compliment them: Complimenting kids for their efforts will boost their confidence. Focusing on efforts, in contrast of results, will make them more resilient. They will know its ok to fail or underperform sometimes, and that it’s not the end of true world and they can always try again. The kids will put more efforts if their efforts are acknowledged early on.


Though, we say we are busy, we can still find some time in our busy schedule. Pre-plan kids’ activities, it will one sure way to bond with them in very subtle way. Bonus of this is of course a good relationship with your kid/s and kids’ self esteem soaring high.


Shilpa Naik(C) 2018

One thought on “Parenting goals for 2018

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Wow!!! You have listed very simple yet impacting ways to spend quality time with the kids. Your ideas are definitely worth a try for every parent.

    Keep writing…Continue Inspiring…


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