A slice of my life

There are moments in our lives that are hard to describe, they are only meant to be beautifully experienced. Such experiences are mostly found in nature – which never fails to amaze me. The occurrences are hard to comprehend, let alone expressing them in words. I have been fortunate to experience it a year back. We had been to New Zealand last year.

Having heard how beautiful New Zealand is, we were super excited to get there. Scenic mountains, beautiful lakes, great flora had been our companion for past few days. But I was desperately keen to visit Waitomo Glow-worm caves, North Islands; New Zealand. I had already seen videos of the caves on internet. I was thrilled and excited about it.

We went through underground caves which had limestone rocks. These rocks were adorned with thousands of glow-worms. The site was pretty spectacular and enthralling. Then we took a boat ride. When the boat takes us through dark tunnel, one will be pleasantly surprised by innumerable glow-worms that are on the ceiling. The boat ride was hypnotising.

When I looked at the ceiling, I felt as if countless stars had come down on Earth, just to give us glimpses of how beautiful the nature is. Glow-worms were twinkling on the ceiling, so was my inner child twinkling with delight. What a fascinating sight. It was worth the drive and hassles we had to get to the caves on that day.

Shilpa Naik (c) 2017

3 thoughts on “A slice of my life

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Very well described post!!!

    Thanks for taking me through the exciting and amazing journey of Waitomo Glow-worm caves through your write up. I wish that you get many more opportunities to visit such wonderful places and then I travel through your words vehicle.


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