Goa beyond…beaches and cashews

Goa is a tiny state on western coast of India. It is heaven on Earth in terms of its beautiful beaches, mountains, temples and churches. Having a good weather acts like icing on a cake. Our susegad (laid back/relaxed) attitude is world famous. All these factors make us lucky people to have born in Goa. Though most of the things about Goa are world famous, yet there are many subtle routine that cannot be found elsewhere. Few are as follows:

  • Pilots on roads: In Goa, one can find pilots on roads. Yes, you read it right. But these are not aeroplane pilots- they are two wheeler pilots. These 2wheeler riders can be hired by people to go to different destinations. Just like hiring taxis/rickshaws, we can go to various places on these 2 wheeler. They are advantageous for single passengers.Pilot


  • Shops closed from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.: Our shops are closed from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Thanks to our susegad attitude. After sumptuous home cooked food- rice, curry, fish/veggie, what better way than to doze off for some time. Hence, locals take a break (food+nap) and open their shops to serve their customers refreshed (but in susegad mode).Mapusa Shop Closed



  • Ferryboats: As Goa has a good network of rivers, rivers have been part and parcel of our daily lives. Ferryboats are vessels used to transport people and vehicles from one bank of river to another. Ferryboat journey is gentle and beautiful. It gives glimpses of laid back life in backwaters of Goa. The best experience of ferryboat ride is on a full moon night. The moonlight shimmering on river is a magical view. It brings a sense of peace and calm within.Pic 2 (1)



  • Poder and Paavs: Paav (breads) is staple food for many Goans. Thanks to our Poder (Baker) community for making fresh breads and home deliver them daily. The honk of their vehicles wakes us up each morning and we welcome each dawn with the same sound. They bring freshly made Paav, Kakna (bagel), katream undde and best of all is Polli (wheat based circular bread). We do relish all varieties of paavs on most of days.poder

The life in Goa and spirit of Goa is simple. Let’s do our best to pass our legacy to future generations gracefully. Let’s preserve our ‘uniqueness’ for centuries to come.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing and reliving some awesome memories of Goa. Do feel free to add memories on this perspective.

Shilpa Naik (c) 2017


2 thoughts on “Goa beyond…beaches and cashews

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Lovely post!!!

    Wonderfully woven the uniqueness of our Goa in your words…Goa is definitely famous for its beaches and cashews but there is more to Goan Beauty which is found in its people,Goenkars and their distinct lifestyle.


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