Learning about parenting : Is it required?

As we have seen in my last article that there are drastic changes in the ways and circumstances of parenting in past and present. In some ways, we are luckier than our parents. But for many reasons, we got to be more informed as parents and guide our kids more diligently. Right from giving mobiles for playing to unhealthy food options, we have thoughtful choices to make. The need to learn about parenting emerges for following reasons:

  1. Nuclear family: Unlike our past generations, most of us live in nuclear families now due to work. This results in us being the whole and sole of our nuclear household. We don’t get instant guidance from our family elders relating to upbringing of kids. There are fewer relatives living around us in whom we can confide our child rearing issues.


  1. Fast paced world: Today, we live in fast paced world. As we are living in nuclear families (especially if we live overseas), we got to do all the household tasks ourselves. Social activities, extracurricular classes have also increased in number, leaving us with less time at our disposal for mindful parenting.


  1. Technology: Nowadays, our kids are exposed to technology right from an early age. We didn’t have gadgets when we were growing up. This results in us having no guidance on this particular topic. Though we cannot do away with technology altogether, we can learn about tips as to how best we can put technology for appropriate use by our kids.


  1. Parenting is a skill: We hardly think that parenting is a skill and that it can be learnt. There are numerous books and internet blogs on parenting available easily to us. The developed countries have understood this ‘required’ skill and have introduced information on parenting in early motherhood stages.


Earlier days, life was simple, slow and we had so many (rather many) relatives to guide us/ our parents. Now we have internet or/and books which we can use to learn about better parenting. The time invested in learning about parenting and putting the wisdom gained into action will not only lead to confident parenting, smoother parent-child/ren relations but make our kid/s more well-brought-up individual. All the best Parents to harness this skill!!!

Let me know your thoughts about this.


Shilpa Naik (c) 2017.

One thought on “Learning about parenting : Is it required?

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Very Well Reasoned write-up!!!

    You have rightly pointed out the key factors of the changing world that makes parenting a more crucial and difficult task. I really liked the way you summarize things in simple and short but important points.

    Thanks…I hope this post provokes many parents to learn the best time suited ways of parenting.


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