Let go off parental temptations

Her eyes twinkled at the sight of steel compartment plate in a glass window of a grocery store. Heera had loved to have it in her childhood. She right away bought the steel plate for Palak, her daughter. As Heera held the plate in her hands, she was instantly time travelled back to her childhood.

During one summer vacation, she had gone to stay with her relatives. Heera was having great time until one Sunday. On that day, Megha, her host had served a breakfast portion in a steel compartment plate. Heera wanted to eat in that plate and Neha, her host’s daughter also cried for the same plate. Megha gave steel plate to Heera, which resulted in Neha being cross with Heera. Next day, Heera told Megha to give the steel plate to Neha. The kids got talking and playing again.

When Heera was leaving for her home, Megha bought the exact same plate and gifted to Heera. Heera was delighted and as she got back home, she excitedly showed the plate to her family. To her dismay, the plate was kept in showcase for special occasion use. She felt sad and longed to eat in that plate. She would be happy to eat in restaurants which served food in such steel plates.

She was super excited to get home after buying the VERY SAME STEEL PLATE for Palak, her daughter. With great joy she declared “Palak, look what I have got for you?” Palak was unmoved at the sight of steel plate. She plainly replied” It’s good, Mum.” Heera’s heart sunk as she heard cold response of her daughter.

That incident left Heera pondering- was it a good decision to buy the plate just because she didn’t have it in her childhood? Is it that she is overdoing her bit to make her kid happy materialistically? Is she just taking away happiness from her kid by providing her any toy/thing/food at one go without teaching the lesson of patience?

Many a times, as parents we need to take objective stand when we buy/provide anything to our kid/s. We got to assess- Does he/she require it? Is giving into parental emotions always right? Or could we make a well thought decision?

Feel free to share your experiences. Thanks.

Shilpa Naik (c) 2017




2 thoughts on “Let go off parental temptations

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Very interesting write up!!!

    Parents unknowingly always presume that their dreams are the best future options for their kids. As parents could not pursue their dreams due to family difficulties, they think by providing best facilities, their kids can pursue it easily. However, we fail to think about the aspirations of the kids.

    Thanks for such a lovely post. I hope this reaches out to maximum parents and they realise and look for their kid’s future and not their unfulfilled dreams in their kids.


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