Benefits of reading to your kid/s

Reading is a hobby best given to kid/s at young age. Benefits of reading are immense. We can make our child/ren, a well read person by introducing books at an early age. Following are the few advantages of reading.

  1. Intellectual benefits: The more we read to our kid/s, the more familiar they get with words. They can express themselves better. It boosts their confidence as they develop good vocabulary and can very well use appropriate ‘words’ for something that they want to convey. The books become a medium for a millions of words in form of thousands of books.
  2. Brain development: Innumerable researches and studies  have pointed out connection between reading and brain development of child/ren. Findings in various analysis have pointed that reading is a form of visual exercise, which help with imagination and in turn help with creativity.
  3. Exploring world: Nowadays, we get books on variety of topics which can interest kid/s. Books build stairway to human imagination. Many are picture books as well. This aids kids to visualise different objects, places, people etc. Books will act like a bridge to help them, to know the world and explore it via books. As Dr. Seuss, famous Children’s books author rightly said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
  4. Learning options: In recent times, the libraries are filled with enormous books of different categories. We can ask kid/s to pick up book which they would like to enhance their knowledge in. Categories like space, science, history can be guide to understand and educate ourselves and our kid/s on different topics.
  5. Questioning ability: Reading enhances one’s questioning ability. As we learn about places, food, experiences, natural phenomenon, feelings etc., it helps our kid/s to be more analytical. Books help to build knowledge, thereby fostering kid/s curiousity.


Make reading a regular activity in your kid/s daily life and let kids soak themselves in the pool of knowledge. As the time passes by, surely your kid/s will reap above mentioned benefits. Needless to say, GIVE ‘READING’ GIFT to your kid/s NOW!!!!

Let me know your opinion about this.


Shilpa Naik (c) 2017

2 thoughts on “Benefits of reading to your kid/s

  1. Hi Shilpa….yet another brilliant write up!!!
    You have accurately tried to emphasis on the key benefits of reading for kids…It is said that ‘Reading maketh a full man…’ and with your benefit rich writing, it becomes more exciting venture for parents and kids…Thanks…
    Keep writing and inspiring…Well Done….


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