Timetable:Core component of organised life

In my last post Way forward for mindful parenting , I had mentioned about having a timetable. Timetable helps us to plan our day well in advance and we know what to expect. It reduces ambiguity. It also helps to keep track of our time and tasks. This post about making timetable would be helpful for having a structured day. You will feel a sense of achievement.

  1. Start from the end: When we make timetable, it is relatively better to start from the end of the day. We can fix the time we would like to go to bed and work upwards. This helps us to know the time at our disposal and tasks to be completed within the stipulated timeslot.

 E.g. If one wants to sleep by 10, start with 9:30-10; 9:00-9:30 and work upwards.

  1. List out various activities: The best way to get most out of our day is to mention the tasks for the day. This helps us to know the various tasks for the day and accomplish them.

E.g. Cooking, Tidying up, Exercise, Kid/s activities etc.

  1. Try to fit in activities along with time allotted: This gives clarity to our day. We can find the activities which require more time, activities which are important, where we require to work as family and so on.

 E.g. 9-9:30 for exercise; 10:30-12:30 for cooking etc.

  1. Have 3 timetables: As we are working with kids, it’s always good to make timetables for each one of us and one as a family. First, make timetable for each kid/s; second make another for yourself (parent/s) and third is family timetable. These different timetables help us to better design our day and also enjoy family time together.

 E.g. On weekends, we could have family playtime for 30 mins.

  1. Have different timetables for working and non-working days: On working days, timetable can be more structured. On non-working days, it can be more leisurely. This helps to have balance in life as well as flexibility with our activities.

6. Try out a rough timetable: Once we make a timetable, try it out for some days and identify areas to improve. You can enhance the timetable as and when required to make it more efficient.

E.g. We might over/under estimate time taken for homework tasks of kid/s. We can make changes accordingly to improvise our timetable.

Friends make your timetable and see your life getting organised. This will not only get you well-ordered, but also your kids will have a disciplined life!!!


Shilpa Naik (c) 2017

3 thoughts on “Timetable:Core component of organised life

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Another amazing write up on the ways forward to mindful parenting!!!

    You have definitely fulfilled your promise by giving an excellent and systematic manner to design a time table for an organised life. It is very true that same time table cannot be followed on all days. Once you make a time table, you have to modify it as and when needed.

    Thanks a lot, Dear for the post. I will definitely work on these lines to prepare my daily timetable.

    Keep Writing…Continue Inspiring…


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