Independent yet divided India

When I was studying in First year in 2001 of my college, we had a Political Science Teacher. He called India a ‘Developppping’ country. He would stress on the word  ‘developppping’ so much that I wondered what he meant. He then clarified that by ‘developppping’ he meant that it is an ongoing process. India has been developing for more than 50 years and would continue for years to come. I would ponder why India can’t be a Superpower like other developed countries??
I got answers from other subjects.
We were having History subject and the teacher taught us about how religion and caste system had shaped today’s Indian society.
In Sociology class, I learnt about ‘Unity in diversity of India’. I was ecstatic when I heard about it. I was proud to be living in a country which has rich culture and diversity. As naive college student, I started feeling that ‘Diversity’ is our true strength.
Now, when I look back at my learning, I feel that religion, caste system and diversity are major obstacles for India’s development we need to sort out.
Our religious beliefs(mostly self righteous) are ingrained in us from birth. We blindly follow our religion and not try to understand teachings of other religions in an objective manner.
Caste system divides from the very moment we are born. We start looking at others as ‘distinct’ from us. This results in we not being ‘United as one’ for/against a cause.
Coming to diversity, it is not only confined to geographical but we have debates on being North Indians/South Indians; we are up in arms for the heroes-which can range from film personalities to sports icons to political leaders. We turn away from people speaking different languages. We argue which is best regional food and list goes on for even trivial things.
We need to GROW UP!!! The British policy of ‘Divide and rule’ succeeded in keeping India under their dominance for centuries. Now we got to start ‘United for India Movement’.
When we have any social issues, we need to stand up for one another, irrespective of our beliefs in religion, caste, language or political inclination. Rather than having unending debates on best heroes/language/sports personalities etc., we got focus on core issues  which India faces today like corruption, poverty, illiteracy etc. and solution for them.
It is said that ‘do not repeat the mistake, but learn from it’. We got learn that we should not fall in trap of ‘Divide and rule’ policies of our present day politicians. We need to use our country’s diverse talent collaboratively and make India…’Incredible’ in its true sense.
Jai Hind!!! Happy Independence Day!!!

4 thoughts on “Independent yet divided India

  1. Hi Shilpa, Your writing is truly inspiring…
    We need to rethink about our ideologies of religion that leads to divide. It is rare to find diversity that our Motherland – India is blessed with but Indians must appreciate and accept it in its entirety rather than only professing uniqueness and greatness of one’s religion.
    I completely agree with you that it is time we grow up above all limitations and bounds to make India truly – “A country with Unity in Diversity”.


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