The five people we meet in heaven #book review

Few days ago I finished reading the book ‘The five people you meet in heaven’ by Mitch Albom. As I closed the book for the very last time, I felt the emptiness of death-so cold yet fully feeling it. I felt sad that the book is over, but more sad as to how often we live our lives absentmindedly as if our life does not have any purpose. As if we are the piece of puzzle that is not required by anybody for any game.
But the book sheds light on how valuable each life is and how intricately the ‘Universe’ has designed our lives- intermingling and intertwined- yet independent.
Another lesson I learnt was how easily we forget that we are not eternal. Actually speaking, we are one breath away from death. We undermine the importance of a breath. When we start valuing each breath, we would value each day, each  relation- that with ourselves and others.
The book harps on the importance of our lives in this ‘Life puzzle’.
Thanks and best wishes to Mitch Albom for such an emotion-stirring book.❤

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