Women’s Day

      Today is Women’s Day. As wishes of ‘Happy Women’s Day’ pour my whatsapp chats and Facebook feed, I wonder if we are ‘happy’ being women? Born in a country and culture that places boys and men at higher status than girls and women, it is a no-brainer that lifetimes of girls and women are spent to prove their worth.
      It is said that ‘we can know about a civilization by the way it treats it’s women. And sadly, we do not treat our girls and women right. Unnecessary taboos, societal restrictions and family pressure play a major role in the way the women in our country lead their lives.
        Let us work together towards gender equality in India. Let’s do our bit in following aspects:
1. Treat girls and women with respect
2. Educate them with skills that suit their interests
3. Empower them with self defense training
4. Provide them with equal opportunities in terms of employment and payment.
Let us feel the pride in raising, being or witnessing an Empowered women in true sense. Then we can genuinely wish women in our life ‘Happy Women’s Day!’

6 thoughts on “Women’s Day

  1. Shilpa, wonderful thoughts woven through your excellent writing on this special day.

    It is time for a change in the societal set up, attitude and approach towards women. Need to value both men and women equally.

    Let’s work towards the change in order to build a better future for India.


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